Rocket to the Moon is a worldwide full service production company based in several countries. We provide international production services having our own production teams in GermanyUK, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. Also partnerships within Europe, Latin America and Asia; being able to propose the best cost effective option regarding where to shoot a certain project in terms of locations, production crew, equipment and talents.

Our clientes usually receive different estimates from our different production venues for them to decide which is the best fit.  

We furnish premier service to all aspects of Fashion Photography and Film, Advertising Still Photography and Commercial Production. See-through budgets, casting, location scouting and permits, travel arrangements and all other production needs.

We ensure that each project is executed with efficiency and care. We are well know for being a production house that works with the most professional crews and at the same time creates wonderful working atmospheres.

Working with photographers within our roster but also helping other photographers and directors on their own projects. 



Production Management & Coordination

In every project we work in, no matter if small, medium or a large production, we take care of all the details. We believe that details are the ones that help achieve successful productions. Always working on planning and also trying to be flexible with last minute issues.  

Art Buying

We already have a big roster of different photographers worldwide. All of them with amazing talent, super professionals and also with all different styles. If there is a certain type of photographer needed which is not in our roster we can provide new proposals to widen the options. We regularly negotiate favorable rates for creative fees and usage.


Budget Management & Estimates

All estimates are created and presented in a very clear and understandable way, with a detailed format. We ensure that every production stays within budget, every time. We can also invoice the project in any of the countries where we are based for the client´s convenience, no matter if they are produced somewhere else.

Locations & Permits

We are extremely experienced, resourceful scouts and can find any location you desire. We specialize in research and have an elaborated network of contacts to help us uncover your perfect location. 

Casting, Negotiation & Booking

Our talent & casting agency can provide great talent. Castings can be digital stills and/or video. If the project needs a wide range of talents and ethnicities, we work together with our different offices in order to cast not only in the country where a certain production would take place but in others too.

Travel Arrangements

We provide the highest levels of travel coordination, in the style to which you are accustomed. Air travel, transfers and hotel. Chaperone service. Always having someone of our team every time you arrive to receive you and take care of everything. 

Catering & Craft Service

Catering and craft service are very important for a happy set. For some, it is the most important thing. We serve only tasty, healthy and amazing food. All dietary needs and tastes are accommodated, from vegan to carnivore. We also help you with dinner reservations to match your style and budget.